Long view of Copper Room at Uptown Social.
Wide view of Cooper Room at Uptown Social.

Cooper Room

Rustic-chic is the best way to describe this detail-oriented room. At first glance, you’ll notice the hard wood floors and sleek black and white marble bar. Then the bold, blue, textured wall paper with floral cut-out sconces will catch your eye. Next, you notice that the original exposed rafters allow you to see the three glamourous, vintage, crystal chandeliers. If this stunning room is too overwhelming, you can exit through one of four doors leading directly onto the outdoor roof deck.

Wide view of Cooper Room at Uptown Social.
Wide view of Cooper Room at Uptown Social 2.
Cooper Room bar at Uptown Social.


The event went awesome! The room was perfect with the TVs and sound system and the staff were fantastic.

Brian Kremer

Thanks team. The event went well! You guys were great about coordinating it ahead of time.

Michael Hubbarth

To all of you - Everything went as well as it could have!

Patrick Gallagher

Christine, Niki & Maddy were wonderful to work with.

Jessica Weinert

Everyone had a fantastic time and it was exactly what I had envisioned!

Lindsay Pierz